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Emperor Charles VI discovered a spring while out hunting at the foot of the Schneeberg, and had several barrels of the precious liquid transported to Vienna every week. From 1869 to 1873 the first water pipeline to Vienna was built, and the original spring was named "Kaiserbrunn" ("Emperor Spring").

Andreas Sederl discovered gin on one of his sailing trips and brought several bottles on board every year for his crew. From 2011 to 2015 he worked on his own brand in his Fine Distillery and named it "Kaisergin".

The remorselessness of the undertaking and the single-minded realisation of the idea links the two connoisseurs. The regional source and the desire to share what's good make the clear liquid a drink that is truly fit for an emperor.

Like its water, Kaisergin comes from the Schneeberg region. Choice local herbs and ingredients lend it its characteristic flowery aroma and elegantly tangy flavour. With 42% ABV it is eminently suited to being savoured with a dash of tonic.